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Shortage of Volunteer Firefighters

December 5, 2019

Did you know… Out of the 1,087 registered fire departments in North Carolina, more than 90% are volunteer or mostly volunteer departments? 

Renewable Energy in Rural Communities

October 28, 2019

…or counties looking to bring renewable energy to their community will need to consider a variety of issues. First, the benefits of bringing renewable energy to your community, are that…

Human Trafficking in the Triad

October 23, 2019

Addressing human trafficking in North Carolina is of the utmost importance. The best way to tackle an issue of this size is by bringing in a unique team to find solutions to the problem.

Downtown Development in Kinston, NC

October 18, 2019

Kinston has relied on its networks to push downtown development forward. Public-private partnerships have created a downtown that many people are excited to move to, baby boomers and millennials alike.