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Made in ENC, Collaborations on Talent and Economic Development

One of the significant issues plaguing rural communities in the U.S. is the ongoing brain drain of young people and skilled professionals from rural areas to urban areas, resulting in … Continued

The Ongoing Workforce Shortage

Workforce shortages have been on the rise across the United States over the past year, as the COVID-19 pandemic shifted labor markets. Local solutions are emerging as communities collaborate on … Continued

Town Hall: Made in ENC – Talent & Economic Development Many industries are facing difficulties recruiting and retaining top talent. This has led many communities to collaborate to grow their skilled workforce. Experts join ncIMPACT’s Anita Brown-Graham on the … Continued

Town Hall: Innovations Leading to Economic Mobility

Rural communities often struggle with creating economic activity, educational opportunities, and workforce talent. This has forced some NC communities to get creative in developing opportunities for their residents. Experts join … Continued

Town Hall: Workforce Shortages The pandemic caused a major disruption to our country’s labor force and the challenges continue. Experts join ncIMPACT’s Anita Brown-Graham to discuss why labor shortages exist in our state … Continued