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What’s on Your Dashboard? Dialing up a Future Ready Community

In a recent series on this blog, Anita Brown-Graham detailed four drivers of change affecting our workforce: demographics, automation, business model changes, and the rise of the individual. Governments are … Continued

Opioid Epidemic Ignores Boundaries in North Carolina

The opioid epidemic in North Carolina ignores boundaries and divisions, plaguing rural, urban, and suburban communities alike.

Our Future Workforce: The Rise of the Individual

Enabled by new technologies, individuals are forging pathways to work that bypass the long-term institutional connections once required for career development.

Our Future Workforce: The Rise of New Business Models

Disruption in business is not new. We can all think of companies from our past that ceased to exist some time ago. Remember Kodak? What is different today is the … Continued

Our Future Workforce: Driven by Technological Disruptions

If you don’t already think automation, artificial intelligence, and all of our hyper-connected smart devices have transformed the world of work as we know it, wait just a few more … Continued