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Water in North Carolina

Our relationship with water varies with our circumstances. Communities often want more clean drinking water to catalyze economic development and serve new residents and businesses. At the same time, they … Read more

Energy in North Carolina

While North Carolina’s renewable energy leaders tend to be larger cities and communities in the Research Triangle region, there are many examples of rural areas and smaller cities benefiting from … Read more

Climate in North Carolina

Washouts of NC 12 on the Outer Banks. Wildfires in Western North Carolina. Rising urban heat in the Piedmont. Sound familiar? North Carolina has seen all these events in recent … Read more

North Carolina’s Circular Economy

Increasingly, once is not enough. The goal of a circular economy is to move from linear flows to circular flows of raw materials and finished products, extending the productive life … Read more

Conserving the Landscape in the Face of Growth Blog

People are increasingly choosing where they live based on the quality of life they can experience, and green spaces are seen as essential components of that quality of life. Collaboration … Read more