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The Ongoing Workforce Shortage

Workforce shortages have been on the rise across the United States over the past year, as the COVID-19 pandemic shifted labor markets. Local solutions are emerging as communities collaborate on … Continued

Veterans Closing the Skills Gap 

As the state continues to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, communities face labor shortages as skill gaps and hiring challenges hinder the economic recovery. Fortunately, veterans returning to civilian life … Continued

Communities Improving School Safety through Collaboration 

School safety encompasses a number of issues, such as student mental health, peer-to-peer interactions and bullying, and the physical safety of students while they are at school. Gates County is … Continued

COVID-19 Learning Loss

Alamance & Craven Counties Following a year of school closings and virtual learning, more than half of K-12 teachers say students have experienced significant learning loss.

Ensuring Student Success in 2021 and Beyond (UNC Chapel Hill)

Educational leaders across the state are working to help more residents obtain post-secondary credentials. The 58 community colleges in North Carolina are using federal recovery funds to help support students … Continued