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Engaging Disconnected Young Adults Blog

Recent research indicates pronounced differences in outcomes such as employment, income, homeownership, and health when comparing young adults who have become disconnected from school or work versus those who have … Read more

The Need for STEM in Rural Communities Blog

Students in STEM classes report increased confidence and motivation to continue their education. Greene County program successes are attributed to valuable partnerships in the rural community, which have helped bridge … Read more

Enhancing NC’s Workforce Through Education

Educational institutions are partnering with others in the community to level the playing field by providing supports, such as seminars on networking or meeting the financial requirements for study. Often … Read more

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Blog

Everyone agrees that we need more teachers and that good teachers are critical to the state’s ability to train our workforce and produce our citizenry. There are strategies for teacher … Read more

The Need for STEM in Rural Communities Students in rural communities sometimes lack the chance to gain skills that many jobs today require. Watch this episode of ncIMPACT to explore solutions in Craven, Greene, and Gates … Read more