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Access to Healthcare in McDowell County

Many rural communities in North Carolina are seeing a shortage of healthcare providers. ncIMPACT is in McDowell County where paramedics making house calls is just one of the ways the community is improving health access. Anita Brown-Graham hosts. Generous support for this series is provided by UNC-School of Government and Civic Federal Credit Union.

Digital Extra 1:Healthcare Access

Calvin Allen, from Rural Forward NC, discusses the challenges with healthcare access in rural communities. Anita Brown-Graham hosts.

Digital Extra 2:Telemedicine in Schools

Imagine a world where your child can see a doctor without having to leave their school. That dream is a reality in McDowell County as the school district uses a telemedicine program to connect children to doctors with an iPad.

Digital Extra 3:Bringing Doctors to Rural Areas

Dr. Robert Bashford, of the UNC Office of Rural Initiatives, discusses how to move more doctors into rural communities. Anita Brown-Graham hosts.

Digital Extra 4:EMS House Calls

In McDowell County, house call medicine is making a comeback. Trained paramedics are checking up on patients in their homes and it’s proven to help avoid costly trips to the emergency room.

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