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Get Set Transylvania

The “Get Set Transylvania” initiative began in 2015. Now, many families are moving to the area, in large part, because of its reputation as a great place to raise children.

Digital Extra 1:Get Set Transylvania draws national attention

Get Set Transylvania caught the attention of Sesame Street in Communities. The national organization helps communities give parents a toolkit of resources for their child’s health and education.

Digital Extra 2: Transylvania collaborates for early childhood development

Families in some rural areas of North Carolina struggle to find access to pre-school programs they know will give their children the launching pad they need to succeed. That’s why many are coming to Transylvania County where a new program was started in 2015 that emphasizes early childhood development. Anita Brown-Graham takes a look at the collaboration it took to make a difference.

Get Set Transylvania: For More Information

Early Childhood Guidance & Information Related to COVID-19

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