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Reclaiming Youth Opportunity

Teens and young adults with limited education and work experience can lead them toward to unhealthy behaviors resulting in depression, anxiety and isolation.

Digital Extra 1:The Old Prison that Gives Positive Opportunity to Youth

The GrowingChange organization, in Scotland County, North Carolina, manages a former state prison site and has “flipped” it into a place for at-risk youth to receive positive reinforcement and the support they need as they face adulthood and the growing importance of making good decisions. This ncIMPACT story is made possible by support from Civic Federal Credit Union.

Digital Extra 2:NC Teens Change Course Thanks to New Program in Old Prison

A former state prison, once closed and decaying, is now helping Scotland County, NC teenagers change their life trajectory towards success over struggle. We examine “GrowingChange,” the program that hopes to give “at-risk” youth the support they need at a crucial age. ncIMPACT is made possible by the support of Civic Federal Credit Union.

Opportunities for Disconnected Youth: For More Information

New Hanover County Blue Ribbon Commission on the Prevention of Youth Violence