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Access to efficient, healthy water and wastewater services is a significant problem for historically disadvantaged communities, both in North Carolina and nationally. The North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure exists to improve access to efficient, healthy water and wastewater services for rural communities. The Division was created in 2013 to bring all water infrastructure funding programs together, providing support to get water utilities on firmer footing, making them more logistically and financially sustainable. When small communities struggle to provide services to residents, the Division often encourages combining into regions for long-term success.

The Challenge – What is the problem communities are facing? What is the scope?

The Solution – What is the innovative solution we want to highlight?

The Players – Who did what to make the innovative solution work in the community? What challenges did they face in engaging stakeholders?

The Promise – Why do we think this solution holds promise for other communities? What stakeholders must come together to respond? What else has to happen?