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Facts That Matter Blog

At the ncIMPACT Initiative, we ground our research in the challenges faced by North Carolina’s state and local leaders and their communities. Through compelling story telling, the Facts That Matter blog shares data and evidence about collaborative problem solving efforts that chart a path forward in communities across the state. We share these stories for the benefit of other communities in pursuit of our mission to improve the lives of North Carolinians.

May 31, 2019

Helping Local Governments Respond to Drinking Water Incidents

The Drinking Water Working Group is a committee of 22 water quality, public health, and local government professionals convened to develop a guide for North Carolina local governments to respond in the event of a drinking water incident.

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May 9, 2019

Opioid Response Project Featured in University Gazette

Read coverage in the University Gazette … Continued

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May 7, 2019

Sticky Floors Impede Economic Mobility in North Carolina

One of the ways in which economic mobility typically occurs is through advancing one’s educational status. Although our study found a clear desire for more education and training opportunities, barriers remain.

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May 6, 2019

ncIMPACT Top Tweets on Inclusive Economy

@uncsog professor Jonathan Morgan @sog_c … Continued

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February 7, 2019

Women in Construction

Nationally, only about 9 percent of the construction industry is made up of women, while the North Carolina Department of Commerce estimated our state’s number at 4 percent in 2017.

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April 19, 2018

Best Practices in Place-Based Grantmaking

Place-based strategies should look to use multi-level analysis that tracks changes beyond the place.

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January 30, 2018

Education and Skills for Tomorrow: Is Your Workforce “Future Ready”?

The entire country is grappling with the changing nature of work and the resulting implications for educational and skills levels.

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January 10, 2018

What’s on Your Dashboard? Dialing up a Future Ready Community

In a recent series on this blog, Anita B … Continued

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December 14, 2017

Opioid Epidemic Ignores Boundaries in North Carolina

The opioid epidemic in North Carolina ignores boundaries and divisions, plaguing rural, urban, and suburban communities alike.

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