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Water Infrastructure Challenges

October 19, 2020

Access to efficient, healthy water and wastewater services is a significant problem for historically disadvantaged communities, both in North Carolina and nationally. The North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure exists to improve access to efficient, healthy water and wastewater services for rural communities. The Division was created in 2013 to bring all water infrastructure funding programs together, providing support to get water utilities on firmer footing, making them more logistically and financially sustainable. When small communities struggle to provide services to residents, the Division often encourages combining into regions for long-term success.

Energy Poverty

March 12, 2020

Energy Poverty Many low-income homeowners cannot afford cost-saving energy investments like weatherizing their homes. But in the Choanoke Area of Northeast North Carolina, some can weatherize their homes for cheap or sometimes for free. Anita Brown-Graham takes a look. Digital … Continued

Renewable Energy in Rural Areas

April 25, 2019

Renewable Energy in Rural Areas Renewable energy is increasingly championed as a new economy that brings jobs and energy security to a community while combating climate change. Anita Brown-Graham looks at how investment in a renewable economy can impact our … Continued