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Urban Broadband

April 9, 2020

Urban Broadband There are urban areas of North Carolina with poor internet access. Income, race, age, and education are some factors behind the urban Digital Divide. Anita Brown-Graham finds a Charlotte, NC alliance focused on reducing urban internet connection woes. … Continued

Rural Broadband

April 2, 2020

Rural Broadband At least 637,000 North Carolinians don’t have a minimum broadband connection recommended by the FCC. Most of these people are in rural counties. Anita Brown-Graham examines one western North Carolina county’s attempt to bridge the Digital Divide. Digital … Continued

A Note to Human Services Programs: Four More Practices for Building Social Capital During COVID-19

April 1, 2020

As you read through the following additional social capital practices, remember there is no one-size-fits-all approach to helping participants build social capital in a human services program.  Every program has a different context with different values and goals. You, the program managers and directors, know best the population you are trying to serve. That said, here are some questions and practices that might help you.

Health Disparities

March 19, 2020

Health Disparities Native Americans and African Americans in particular die from prostate cancer more than any other group in North Carolina. But African-American women too, struggle with high rates of breast cancer. Host Anita Brown-Graham first looks at a unique … Continued

Reclaiming Youth Opportunity

March 5, 2020

Reclaiming Youth Opportunity Teens and young adults with limited education and work experience can lead them toward to unhealthy behaviors resulting in depression, anxiety and isolation. Digital Extra 1:The Old Prison that Gives Positive Opportunity to Youth The GrowingChange organization, … Continued

The Opioid Crisis

February 6, 2020

Anita Brown-Graham examines the misuse of Opioids among pregnant women in North Carolina. Treatment for Pregnant Women Addicted to Opioids: For More Information The Challenge – What is the problem communities are facing? Opioid Poisoning in North Carolina Prescription Opioids … Continued

ncIMPACT Townhall: Challenges of Long-Term Disaster Recovery

June 24, 2019

ncIMPACT hosts a town hall at UNC-Pembroke on the challenges of long-term disaster recovery, focusing on the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence in Lumberton County. Anita Brown-Graham hosts. Generous support for this series is provided by UNC-School of … Continued

Renewable Energy in Rural Areas

April 25, 2019

Renewable Energy in Rural Areas Renewable energy is increasingly championed as a new economy that brings jobs and energy security to a community while combating climate change. Anita Brown-Graham looks at how investment in a renewable economy can impact our … Continued