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Networks That Work is a podcast about the networks and relationships that make up social capital.

Social capital refers to the connections and networks you have with other people and the value you get from them to help you succeed in life. Your connections are a source of information, emotional support, and even financial support.

In this series of three podcasts, you’ll hear meaningful conversations with health and human services experts to better understand how to help participants in your programs create and access social capital to improve their lives and your program’s participant outcomes. It features Anita Brown Graham, director of the ncIMPACT Initiative, a data-driven policy initiative at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

(Episode 1) “Close-Knit Communities for Better Outcomes: Using Peer Groups”

(Episode 2) “Friend Request Accepted: Using Technology and Social Capital”

(Episode 3) “Beyond Icebreakers: How to Help Participants Really Connect”