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Emerging Social Capital Principles and Practices

March 21, 2022

According to our expert advisors, before individual practices are put in place, certain principles – referred to by those involved as ideas, convictions, or values — need to exist in programs first. They should be recognized and used by staff. … Continued

Perspective | Resetting work and learning after COVID-19

July 15, 2021

“The predictions are of great concern for all students, but we know that some will be more disproportionately impacted by learning loss. Underserved students have been even more underserved during the pandemic. We need an acceleration plan.”

Homegrown Tools Case Study: Burke County, NC

July 15, 2021

“During the COVID-19 pandemic when demand for regular products slowed down, this network and support structure enabled CTD to quickly meet the increased need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and cloth face coverings. Their overall structure did not change, but … Continued

Homegrown Tools Case Study: Caldwell County, NC

July 15, 2021

“CCC&TI first consulted with the county health department and other healtcare entities to understand the scope of the problem. CCC&TI also surveyed students and conducted outreach through social media to understand their needs. They found 111 students in curriculum courses … Continued

Homegrown Tools Case Study: Puyallup, WA

July 15, 2021

“The City of Puyallup is a commuter city in the Puget Sound region of Washington. Puyallup’s economy relies heavily on the retail, restaurant, and visitor services industry of its commercial district, anchored by South Hill Mall, and its historic downtown. … Continued

Homegrown Tools Case Study: New Bern, NC

July 15, 2021

“Count on Me NC was promoted to all the destination marketing organizations across North Carolina. Visit New Bern, New Bern’s tourism development authority, was an early adopter and went further to partner with Visit NC through their cooperative marketing program … Continued

Homegrown Tools Case Study: The Center for Advanced Hindsight

July 15, 2021

“The Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University seeks to use behavioral science to make people happier, healthier, and wealthier through research and human-centered design. With this project, CAH sought to provide behavioral science tools to county governments that would … Continued

Homegrown Tools Case Study: Gaston County, NC

July 15, 2021

“The BrightHive partnership was established before the pandemic, as Gaston County had already been working on process improvements for child welfare reporting. Given the unique impact of the pandemic on this issue, the County was able to use CARES Act … Continued

Homegrown Tools Case Study: Fayetteville, NC

July 15, 2021

“After businesses began to temporarily close and unemployment increased, it became clear that the pandemic would have an immediate impact on the local economy in Fayetteville. The City’s Economic and Community Development Department began to work with the Chamber of … Continued