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What (and Who) Counts? Defining Rural Development Success


There are no easy solutions for the many challenges that rural American faces, but what is clear is that rural communities themselves must drive change and transformation. Aspen Community Strategies Group’s new report, What (and Who) Counts? Defining Rural Success features Anita Brown-Graham and three other well-respected rural development practitioners’ perspectives on how we can better define rural development success.


Demographic, Economic, and Geographic Factors Associated with Uptake of the Earned Income Tax Credit


The US federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is an economic support program for low- and moderate-income workers. About 80% of individuals eligible for the EITC participate in the program. However, improving awareness and full uptake of the EITC program has proven a challenge, and few studies have examined factors associated with EITC participation. The purpose of this study was to use county level data to model the association of demographic, geographic, and economic factors with EITC participation rates in North Carolina from 2010 to 2017.