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Community Development Organizations’ Capacity to Respond to COVID-19: The Strategic Use of Social Capital


It has long been noted that community development organizations use social capital to build capacity for the constituencies they serve. Less recognized, however, is the ability of these organizations to leverage social capital to improve their own capacities. Our research shows that CDOs that use social capital in this way are more likely to be resilient. How do they do it? The leaders we spoke with identified strategies related to expanding their networks, clearly articulating/reciprocating benefits, and pinpointing opportunities to improve competencies.


The Value of Relationships: Improving Human Services Participant Outcomes through Social Capital


Social capital focuses on the personal relationships and networks that each of us has and how we use them. For many human service program managers, social capital may be key to reaching program goals. In fact, whatever your role in the organization, your skill at helping participants build and benefit from their own social capital may in some cases be as central to your program’s success as securing funding.


Five Insights into How Community Development Corporations in North Carolina View Social Capital Bonds, Bridges and Links


“The use of social capital–the leverage of local social networks, shared norms, and trust–is a strategy regaining prominence. Nonprofit community development organizations (CDOs), including community development corporations (CDCs), have been key in prompting the effective use of place-based social capital strategies for community revitalization and economic mobility”