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Downtown Revitalization in Kinston

ncIMPACT examines how Kinston revitalized their downtown. Anita Brown-Graham hosts. Generous support for this series is provided by UNC-School of Government and Civic Federal Credit Union.
On February 14, 2019, we hosted a Twitter chat on Downtown Revitalization in advance of the premier of our UNC-TV episode on the same topic.

Digital Extra 1:How Kinston Revitalized

Former Mayor, BJ Murphy, discusses the steps Kinston took to revitalize its downtown area. Anita Brown-Graham hosts.

Digital Extra 2:smART Kinston City Project

Kinston community leaders say their vibrant art scene has played a big role in the revitalization of their downtown. The city has attracted dozens of artists to Kinston thanks to the “smART Kinston” initiative, which helps artists relocate to the area and provides them with affordable housing.

Digital Extra 3:Liz Parham of NC Main Street Program

Liz Parham, of NC Main Street Program, discusses the importance of finding champions to promote downtown revitalization. Anita Brown-Graham hosts.

Digital Extra 4:Tyler Mulligan of UNC School of Government

Tyler Mulligan, of the UNC-School of Government, discusses the importance of downtown revitalization and how to succeed. Anita Brown-Graham hosts.

Additional Resources

The second episode of our new series on UNC-TV explores the revitalization of downtown Kinston, North Carolina, and how the city is beginning to thrive from its newfound life. See below for additional resources on this topic.