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Mitigating the Risk for Falling through the Cracks: Strengthening the Census Response Rate

In capturing data on everyone once every decade, the Census is a handy tool on which many of us base our research, programming, and communication. The Census has been around for 117 years, and every decade we see the stark differences in our composition from the decade before. Across many dimensions, the Census measures the pace of change for the country as a whole, each state as a whole, and any local community. In order for us to react to our changing surroundings, we must first know in what ways it is changing—this is the value of the Census.

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What sets the ncIMPACT Initiative apart is its ability to bring the right data to bear on a policy problem. Our team provides data “snapshots” intended to answer questions, highlight problems, and start discussions among North Carolinians who want to learn more about their state.


Data Snapshots

NC Population by County

NC Population Growth by County

Population Growth in North Carolina

Age Population Change

NC Demographics in 2010

NC Demographics in 2000