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Our Work

North Carolina faces critical policy questions in a wide range of areas, including the economy, health & community wellbeing, workforce education, environment, and criminal justice, so the ncIMPACT Initiative focuses its work in these areas. We help local communities use data and evidence to improve conditions and inform decision-making.

Workforce Education

The ncIMPACT Initiative advises communities and state agencies on strategies for building a talent pipeline – including Pre-Kindergarten, primary and secondary education, college, and credentials that strengthen local and regional workforces.



The ncIMPACT Initiative provides data and analysis to assist local and state policymakers in making decisions intended to strengthen the state’s economy.



What sets the ncIMPACT Initiative apart is its ability to bring the right data to bear on a policy problem. Our team provides data “snapshots” intended to answer questions, highlight problems, and start discussions among North Carolinians who want to learn more about their state.



North Carolina boasts unique environmental resources from the mountains to the coast and places in between. These resources provide benefits such as drinking water, agriculture, recreation, and economic opportunities. They also require stewardship, infrastructure, and protection and local governments and agencies must finance those services in collaboration with the state.



Criminal Justice

The ncIMPACT Initiative collaborates with the School’s Criminal Justice Innovation Lab, which seeks to promote a fair and effective criminal justice system, public safety, and economic prosperity. It works by engaging a broad range of stakeholders to examine the criminal justice system through an evidence-based perspective and promoting the use of a rigorous evidence-based approach to criminal justice policy.