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Health Disparities

Native Americans and African Americans in particular die from prostate cancer more than any other group in North Carolina. But African-American women too, struggle with high rates of breast cancer. Host Anita Brown-Graham first looks at a unique partnership of local barbers in Edgecombe County working to increase prostate cancer awareness.

Digital Extra 1: Edgecombe County barbers spread Prostate Cancer awareness

Digital Extra 2:More African-American women are fighting breast cancer

ncIMPACT looks at how 42 percent more African-American women die from breast cancer than white women.

Overcoming Health Disparities: For More Information 

  • The Challenge – What is the problem communities are facing?  
  • The Solution – What is the innovative solution we want to highlight? 
  • The Players – Who did what to make the innovative solution work in the community?  
  • Edgecombe County Barbershop Partnership – Real Men Get Checked: One community’s effort to increase prostate screening 
  • Vidant Edgecombe Hospital  
  • The Promise – Why do we think this solution holds promise for other communities?