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Cabarrus Mental Health Advisory Board – ORP Spotlight

The Cabarrus team is proud of their accomplishments and excited to have built what they hope is a sustainable collaboration for their county. In years to come, they hope to … Continued

Designing Better Local Food Systems

North Carolina is the 10th hungriest state in the nation. Nearly 1 in 5 children in NC faces hunger on a regular basis. Wake County’s Capital Area Food Network brings … Continued

Elder Abuse Prevention

At least 10% of elders are abused in some way each year, including through physical abuse, financial fraud, scams, caregiver neglect, psychological abuse and sexual abuse. Financial exploitation is the … Continued

Mecklenburg County Opioid Task Force Spotlight

In such a large, urban community, the team faced challenges gaining attention as a top priority. Participation with the Opioid Response Project helped them better define their task force and … Continued

NC Local Government Early Responses to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Local government leaders are on the front line, helping their communities navigate a health and economic crisis whose duration is uncertain. The ncIMPACT Initiative’s COVID-19 survey sought to track how … Continued