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Carolina Engagement Week Events Celebrate Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of Carolina Engagement Week, bringing together campus and community leaders to celebrate the impacts of their partnerships across North Carolina. ncIMPACT and Carolina Across 100 were proud to partner once again on this third annual week of events, held from February 26 – March 1. Thirty-four events were held in 2024, including several events hosted at the UNC School of Government.  

Events Centering Mental Health and Suicide Prevention 

Carolina Across 100, led by the ncIMPACT Initiative, hosted two events and a student engagement opportunity this year. Each focused on helping North Carolina communities better understand mental health challenges and share ideas related to suicide prevention. 

Working in Communities to Improve Youth Mental Health – hosted by Carolina Across 100 and the UNC Suicide Prevention Institute, this March 1 hybrid event was attended by 47 community leaders interested in learning about gains being made through partnerships with local schools. UNC School of Education’s Dr. Dorothy Espelage, Alberto Valido Delgado, and Luz Robinson discussed their work implementing Sources of Strength, a peer-driven, strengths-based model to promote mental health, in 11 North Carolina school districts. Seventeen people attended in person, while 28 online attendees asked questions and shared ideas in the chat.  

POV Challenge 2024 – Carolina students shared findings and ideas about improving mental health and reducing suicide in North Carolina. The 19 participating teams submitted projects like podcasts, videos, and infographics, as well as artwork and poetry. The top three teams were awarded $500. All submissions will be shared with Our State, Our Wellbeing teams across North Carolina to inform their work on improving mental health and preventing suicide in their communities. Find all POV Challenge Submissions and a directory of 37 campus and community partners who served as POV Challenge judges. 

Celebrating Rural Research and Student Engagement   

Engagement Week ReceptionMore than 70 campus and community leaders came together on March 1 at the UNC School of Government to celebrate Engagement Week. Lynn Blanchard thanked the Carolina Center for Public Service and the many students, faculty, and staff whose events and outreach led to a fun and informative week of learning and celebrating. UNC Rural announced winners of the inaugural Rural Research Engagement and Advancement Fund (RREAF) award, with 6 winners including ncIMPACT’s own Abigail Holdsclaw (Supporting Data Capture and Storytelling of Rural “Our State, Our Work” Teams). Dean Aimee Wall and Interim Chancellor Lee Roberts congratulated POV Challenge participants, recognizing the top teams and underscoring the impact of each student’s work for local communities.  

Stay Connected as Collaborations Continue 

Thank you to everyone who attended events during Carolina Engagement Week. Join our email list to keep learning about campus and community partnerships led by ncIMPACT, Carolina Across 100, and our partners. 

Mary Parry and Emily Peek
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