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Communities Improving School Safety through Collaboration 

School safety encompasses a number of issues, such as student mental health, peer-to-peer interactions and bullying, and the physical safety of students while they are at school. Gates County is … Continued

Addressing Law Enforcement Labor Shortages 

During 2020-2021, resignations among police officers nationwide increased by 18% when compared to previous years. During the same period, retirements among officers increased by nearly 50%, while new officers hired … Continued

Helping Students Recover from Learning Loss in the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The abrupt shift to online learning in March 2020 meant many children were not able to have the full educational experience they would have otherwise had in person, which led … Continued

Mental Health Services Designed for Agriculture Workers 

Often a lonely and isolating profession, farmers experience increased rates of anxiety and depression. Studies find farmers have a higher than average suicide rate when compared to the general population. … Continued

The ncIMPACT Initiative Approach to Cross-Sector Collaborations

What are cross-sector collaboratives? The short answer is that these challenges are too complex for any single individual, organization, or even sector to solve alone. Sometimes referred to as “wicked … Continued