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Targeted Universalism Uses Social Capital to Increase Equity in COVID-19 Recovery

By practicing targeted universalism, policymakers can aim specific strategies, such as social capital-based programming, at problems that plague marginalized groups to advance equity in COVID-19 economic recovery efforts.

Made in ENC, Collaborations on Talent and Economic Development

One of the significant issues plaguing rural communities in the U.S. is the ongoing brain drain of young people and skilled professionals from rural areas to urban areas, resulting in … Continued

ECSU Promotes Innovative Success in Students and Region

Northeastern North Carolina faces clear economic challenges, including a notable lag in employment growth.  Some unique assets are responding to the challenges in promising ways. The region’s Elizabeth City State … Continued

Innovating Mental Health Supports

Since the COVID pandemic began, the nation has experienced rapid growth in the number of adults experiencing anxiety or depression. In early 2021, CDC surveys revealed that these symptoms had … Continued

The Ongoing Workforce Shortage

Workforce shortages have been on the rise across the United States over the past year, as the COVID-19 pandemic shifted labor markets. Local solutions are emerging as communities collaborate on … Continued