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Building a Diverse Business Community Blog

Small business owners need a strong ecosystem to thrive. That ecosystem provides technical assistance, connections to space, and other resources and capital to launch and grow. Indeed, minority entrepreneurs sometimes … Continued

Sports Tourism Boom Blog

Youth sports can require a significant financial investment for travel to out-of-town tournaments. The expenses for food and lodging quickly add up, and communities in North Carolina are capitalizing on … Continued

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Blog

Everyone agrees that we need more teachers and that good teachers are critical to the state’s ability to train our workforce and produce our citizenry. There are strategies for teacher … Continued

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Blog

Alzheimer’s programs, or those more generally for dementia across the state, are not just involved with improving the quality-of-care patients receive in the hospital. They also want to ensure a … Continued

Equity Challenges With Community-Campus Partnerships

Partnerships between academic and community researchers can have significant challenges. On March 2, 2023, as part of UNC Community Engagement Week, ncIMPACT Initiative and the Carolina Across 100 Initiative hosted … Continued