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The Value of Social Capital

Leveraging the Secret Sauce of Relationships to Improve Reentry Outcomes: The Value of Social Capital


If you work with individuals returning to their communities from incarceration, you know the relationships you help participants develop inside and outside of your organization matter for the outcomes of your program and your community.

Many programs recognize the power of “social capital” – or the value that arises from relationships – in achieving program outcomes. However, it can be hard to develop strategies to help participants increase connections and track how they contribute to program outcomes.

This virtual training series for managers of programs working with individuals with criminal records:

  • Provides an overview of social capital and describe why it can be so valuable to increase the social capital of individuals with criminal records;
  • Offers concrete examples of ways programs across the country are working to develop and foster relationships for this population and the outcomes they are seeing as a result; and
  • Explores ways and considerations for measuring social capital and relationships in programs.

Links to the recordings for all four webinars:

August 4 – Webinar 1: Valuing Data and Individuals with Similar Experiences

August 18 – Webinar 2: Developing Organic Connections, Peer Groups, and Accountability

September 1 – Webinar 3: Fostering Organizational, Participant, and Mentoring Relationships

September 15 – Webinar 4: Incorporating Relationship Building Practices in Your Organization

Worksheets and materials shared during the webinars can be found here.