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The Potential of Offshore Wind Energy Blog

North Carolina might one day support the east coast with offshore wind energy. The economic impact could be in the billions, with tens of thousands of related jobs.

Increasing Food Access Blog

Local leaders are working collaboratively to create a sustainable food system that benefits both the growers’ economics and consumers’ health. The partnerships around food access in local communities are creating … Read more

Rising Community Violence Blog

The violence interrupter strategy is a unique approach that enables individuals who have had experiences with gangs and violence to act as mentors and guides to at-risk youth. It provides … Read more

Enhancing NC’s Workforce Through Education

Educational institutions are partnering with others in the community to level the playing field by providing supports, such as seminars on networking or meeting the financial requirements for study. Often … Read more

Building a Diverse Business Community Blog

Small business owners need a strong ecosystem to thrive. That ecosystem provides technical assistance, connections to space, and other resources and capital to launch and grow. Indeed, minority entrepreneurs sometimes … Read more